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As the number of affiliated colleges is growing year by year, the UGC felt that there is an urgent need for creating an appropriate body at the university headquarters for ensuring the proper planning and integrated development of affiliated colleges and to provide the colleges necessary help and guidance. Thus the College Development Council (CDC) was evolved in Andhra University during the year 1986. The establishment of the CDC with the active and willing participation of various academic and administrative constituents, as envisaged by the UGC, is a welcome step in the direction of improvement of standards of higher education. The main function of CDC is to serve as an academic guide to the college system on the one hand and on the other to ensure interaction between academic faculties in the university departments and teachers in the colleges.  The CDC also conducts meetings with the Principals of affiliated colleges to appraise them and elicit suggestions with regard to the functioning of the CDC. In this regard, the CDC also consults different bodies of the university for the promotion, coordination and raising the standards of education in colleges. It also acts as a regulatory body in regard to proper planning and integrated development of colleges and furnish such information to the UGC and other bodies; advice the university on all matters relating to development of affiliated colleges, such as provision of adequate facilities academic and physical for raising the standard of learning, teaching and research and its periodic evaluation for enabling the university to maintain reasonable continuity of policy in regard to development of colleges. It also evaluates and assesses the impact of UGC grants utilized by the colleges for the implementation of various development projects in addition to various functions like reviewing the inspection reports of New Colleges as well as existing colleges and suggest remedies for the defects and irregularities reported.

Prof. P. Hari Prakash
Dean (CDC)
Email ID: cdcdeanau14@gmail.com
Office: + 91-891-2753222, 2844122, 2754587


27/05/2017 :: Workshop on Research Based Pedagogical Tools (RBPTs) for Teachers of Undergraduate Science and Mathematics Course. 6-9 October, 2017. At Human Resource Development Centre(HRDC), Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur,Chhattisgarh. Page-1 || Page-2 || Application Form.

26/05/2017 :: Meeting with the principals of Affiliated Colleges on 30th May 2017 at 11.30 A.M.

26/05/2017 :: Affiliated Colleges - B.Ed. Courses - Staff Approval - Clearance of dues - fulfillment of deficiencies.

24/05/2017 :: Transfer of administrative control from Andhra University to Adikavi Nannaya University - obtain No Objection Certificate in order to go for affiliation to Adikavi Nannaya University.

23/05/2017 :: AU CDC - Selection of teachers for the pilot on English Communication and Soft skills. || APSHCE-British Council Pilot on English Communication and Soft Skills targeted at training of 100,000 students in Andhra Pradesh.

23/05/2017 :: AU Affiliated Colleges - Engg., Pharmacy and other Processional Colleges like MBA MCA BED LAW etc - Maintenance of College Website - mandatory. || APSCHE - Engineering, Pharmacy and other Processional Colleges like MBA MCA BED LAW etc - Maintenance of College Website - mandatory.


04/05/2017 :: A.U. Affiliated Colleges :: Train the Trainee Programme in collaboration with APSSDC.

22/04/2017 :: Affiliated Colleges - B.Ed. Courses - Staff Approval - Clearance of dues - fulfillment of deficiencies.

22/04/2017 :: A.U. Affiliated Colleges - Bio-metric attendence in Affiliated Colleges.

17/04/2017 :: Meeting with Correspondents & Principals AU Affiliated Colleges - Vizianagaram District.

15/04/2017 :: Meeting with Correspondents & Principals AU Affiliated Colleges - Visakhapatnam District.

06/04/2017 :: Affiliated Colleges - Inspections - Certain Instructions.

07/01/2005 :: OFFICE MEMORANDUM.

14/03/2017 :: By direction of Vice-Chancellor, to inform you that the last date for ratification of selected and appointed staff members in Engineering/Pharmacy/Law Colleges should be ratify from Andhra University on or before 20-04-2017.

03/02/2017 :: Affiliated Colleges - BEd Courses - Staff Approval.

24/01/2017 :: Affiliated Colleges - obtain affiliation orders and no-dues Certificate from University.

18/01/2017 :: Affiliated Colleges - BEd Courses - Submission of strength particulars.

17/01/2017 :: Affiliated Colleges - BEd Courses - Staff Approval.

20/10/2016 :: Affiliated Private B.Ed. Colleges - Starting of New B.Ed. Colleges - 2016-17 Information for Payment of Registration, Affiliation & Inspection Fee.

24/12/2016 :: Affiliated Colleges - Reserves/Corpus funds.

14/12/2016 :: Affiliated Colleges - No Dues.

09/12/2016 :: Affiliated Colleges - MHRD Direction.

05/12/2016 :: Affiliated Colleges - Intimation Constittion of Governing Body.

05/12/2016 :: Affiliated Colleges - Conduct a rally along with students.

21/11/2016 :: Meeting with Principals AU Affiliated Colleges - NIRF - Alumni Employees and students AAdhaar Based Biometric Attendance System.

17/11/2016 :: NIRF - not uploading data - explanation called for.

17/11/2016 :: Affiliated Colleges - Instructions.

15/11/2016 :: Affiliated Colleges - Implementation of Bio-metric attendance for students, teaching and Non-teaching.


23/09/2016 :: AU Affiliated Colleges 2016-17.

B.Ed. Colleges.

Engineering Colleges.

Law Colleges.

MBA & MCA Colleges.

Pharmacy Colleges.

PG Colleges.

Visakhapatnam District Degree Colleges.

Vizianagaram District Degree Colleges.


08/08/2016 :: Krishna Pushkaralu – August 2016Action Plan proposed by the Government of Andhra Pradesh – Strict Implementation by the Affiliated Colleges - Requested.

29/07/2016 :: Meeting with Secretaries & Correspondents and Principals of all the Affiliated Colleges . attend the meeting scheduled at 11.00 a.m. on 06-08-2016 at Dr.Y.V.S.Murthy Auditorium, A.U. College of Engg. (A) - Without fail. (Cancelled)

12/07/2016 :: A.U. Affiliated Colleges - Students of U.G. Courses (Science & Arts) transfers/ readmissions for the academic year 2016-17 Intimation || Page-1 || Page-2.

03/03/2016 :: A.U. Affiliated Colleges - Not attended the meeting scheduled on 28-02-2016 at 3.00 p.m. at Dr.Y.V.S.Murthy Auditorium, A.U. College of Engg. (A) - Explanation called for.

20/02/2016 :: Meeting with the Secretary & Correspondents and Principals of AU Affiliated Colleges.

20/02/2016 :: A.U. Affiliated Colleges - Upload the college/institution information for the year 2015-2016 in AISHE (All India Survey on Higher Education) Portal on or before 25-02-2016.

29/01/2016 :: B.Ed. Admissions Strength Particulars 2015-16.

Note: All AU Campus Colleges and Affiliated Colleges should upload their data to NIRF website https://www.nirfindia.org by 22 Jan 2016

08/10/2015 :: Visakhapatnam Affiliated Degree Colleges List :: Intake & Medium 2015-16.

08/10/2015 :: Vizianagaram Affiliated Degree Colleges List :: Intake & Medium 2015-16.

07/10/2015 :: Disable Fest at Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Assembly hall, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam on 08-10-2015 at 9.00 AM (Circular) || Disable Fest Invitation.

29/09/2015 :: Alumni Meet @ Andhra University on 12 October 2015.

31/08/2015 :: Pertaining to the students particulars for all UG, PG & Professional courses for the academic year 2008-09 to 2015-16.

14/08/2015 :: Students Strength Particulars for the academic year 2015-16.

10/08/2015 :: AU Affiliated Colleges Fee Structure IUT & ICGS - 2015-16.

10/08/2015 :: UGC letter Circular.

21/07/2015 :: Request for allowing participation of students in the eventDIGITAL INDIA WEEK.

01/07/2015 :: UGC Academic Staff College - Change of name from Academic Staff College to Human Resource Development Centre permission - Approval Orders - Issued.


15/06/2015 :: Degree Colleges in Vizianagaram District 2015-16.

05/06/2015 :: A.U. Affiliated Colleges - Student transfers for the academic year 2015-16 (Revised Order Copy).

05/06/2015 :: A.U. Affiliated Colleges - Student transfers for the academic year 2015-16 (Application for the Transfer).

15/05/2015 :: All Affiliated Colleges - Initiative of helping installation of solar photovoltaic systems in educational institutions by Govt. of India. AU Letter || UGC Letter1 || UGC Letter2.

20/09/2014 :: B.Ed. Colleges 2014-15

20/09/2014 :: Engineering Colleges 2014-15

20/09/2014 :: Law Colleges 2014-15

20/09/2014 :: MBA Colleges 2014-15

20/09/2014 :: MCA Colleges 2014-15

20/09/2014 :: PG Colleges 2014-15

20/09/2014 :: Pharmacy Colleges 2014-15

20/09/2014 :: VIZIANAGARAM Colleges Lists 2014-15

20/09/2014 :: VISAKHAPATNAM Colleges Lists 2014-15


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