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Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering - Faculty   
Name   Designation   Qualification   Specialization
Prof. P.S.Avadhani
Professor &
Ph.D. Cryptography, Algorithms, Data Security and Computer Graphics.
Prof. M.S.Prasad Babu

Professor &
Vice-Principal, AUCE(A)

Ph.D.   Similarity Transformation, AI, Expert Systems, Computer Networks, Neural Networks, Object Oriented Technologies , Web Technologies and Pervasive Computing.
Prof. M.Shashi
Professor &
Chairman, BOS
Ph.D.   Data Warehousing & Mining, AI, Data Structures
Prof. P.Srinivasa Rao
Ph.D.   Image Processing, Queuing Applications.
Prof. Prasad Reddy P.V.G.D.

Professor &
Former Rector, AU &
Former Registrar, AU &
Head of the Department

Ph.D.   Software Architectures, Data Engineering, Image Analysis & Machine Intelligence, Computer Networks & Crypto Systems and Web Technologies
Prof. V.Valli Kumari
Ph.D Network Security, Cryptography, Algorithms, E-Commerce Security, DBMS, Data Mining, software Engineering.
Prof. S. Pallam Setty
Ph.D Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Sensor Networks, Wireless Networks
Prof. Kuda Nageswara Rao

Professor &
Co-ordinator, Online Admission, AU

Computer Networks, TCP/IP, Internet Technologies, Telematics, Data Communications, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Systems Programming, Microprocessors, Computer Organization & Architecture.
Prof. D.Lalitha Bhaskari
Ph.D. Security, Theory of Computation, Image Processing, Network Security & Cryptography.
Prof. B.Prajna
Ph.D. Data Structures, DAA, Computer Graphics, Operating Systems, DBMS, Ex.S, CD
Prof. K.Venkata Rao
Professor &
Hon. Director, Computer Centre
& Webmaster
Ph.D. Image Processing, Data Structures, Systems Programming, Programming Languages, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Web Technologies.
Dr. M.Sampath Kumar
Associate Professor
Ph.D Cryptography, Algorithms, Data Security, Microcomputers
Dr. K.V.Ramana
Associate Professor
Ph.D    Image Processing, Compilers, System Software
Dr. S.Viziananda Row
Associate Professor
Ph.D   Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, AI
Dr. Ch.Satyananda Reddy
Associate Professor &
Addl. Dean (Confidential-Exams)
Software Engineering, Software Project and Process Management, Software Estimation, Software Metrics, Software Requirements Engineering, Software Architecture, Software Testing, Human Computer Interaction.
Dr. Kunjam Nageswara Rao
Associate Professor &
Warden (PG Block - Men Engg)
Ph.D. Algorithms,  Bio-Informatics, Operating Systems.
Dr. K.Raja Kumar
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Embedded Systems, VLSI, Micro  Controllers, Computer Networks.
Dr. K.Venkata Ramana
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Compiler Design, Data Mining and Ware Housing, Formal Languages and Web Technologies.
Smt S.Jhansi Rani
Assistant Professor 
M.Tech., (Ph.D) Computer Networks, Data Communication, Data Structures, DBMS, Operating Systems.
Dr. A.M.Soujanya
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. DBMS, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, FS.
Dr. G.Lavanya Devi
Assistant Professor

Fuzzy Theory, Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Database Systems, Cryptography and Network Security, Algorithm Analysis, Automata Theory, Computer Communication and Networks

Smt. G. Sharmila Sujatha Assistant Professor (C) M.Tech., (Ph.D)  
Sri. J. Srinivasa Babji Assistant Professor (C) M.Tech.  
VLSI, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Networks, Data Communications, Computer Organization and Micro Processors


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