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AU Computer Centre (AUCC)

  • NAME : Prof. K. Rama Sudha
  • MOBILE :
  • Office :+ 91-891-2844091
  • Email : director.aucc@andhrauniversity.edu.in


A modern Computer Centre has been established. Andhra University Computer Centre was established in 1986 and was inaugurated by the then Governor Smt. Kumud Ben Joshi. The centre then had a glorified history in coastal districts as the one bearing the best computing and research facility. People from far off places used to utilize the central facility along with the students, scholars and staff of the campus colleges. The Computer Centre has developed packages for examination processing, administration and accounts. The Computer Center is open to students, staff and research scholars for 18 hours in a day. All the centers and laboratories are with internet connectivity and are accessible to all the teachers between 8 am and 8 pm. The University uses these computer centers for the conduct of “on line” examinations. The browsing centre is open during working hours of the library. The University has (IBM) Computer Service Centre which is undertaking the repairs and maintenance of computers in the campus.

The University has developed ICT infrastructure significantly during the assessment period in support of teaching-learning process and University administration. The details of IT infrastructure both hardware and software are presented in the following table:

The campus wide area network is for connecting the various departments /admin buildings. The core backbone employs single mode optical fiber connecting various departments. At certain places multi-mode fiber optic cable was used. At present the campus wide networking, IT service support and software development is being executed by Andhra University Computer Centre.

AUCC provides the following facilities and services:
I. www.andhrauniversity.edu.in mail services in Google cloud
II. www.aucoe.info web site maintenance
III. Anti-virus updates/installation in campus colleges
IV. Network maintenance
V. Internet connectivity and bandwidth, maintenance
VI. Network security and authentication services
VII. Student information/data maintenance
VIII. Pre and post exam data processing
IX. DD Cell computerization
X. Pensioners Pay slips online

AUCC is in the process of expanding its activities to provide assured unlimited campus connectivity to every nook and corner of the University. Over the last one year an enormous growth in network usage was observed in the campus with various changes and configurations in the critical parts of the network. Partially a few hostels were extended with wired and wireless network connectivity in addition to computers.