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  • Name : Prof. P.V.G.D. Prasad Reddy Brief Summary
  • Designation : Vice-Chancellor
  • Phone : 91-891-2844222, 2844333 (O)
  • Fax : 91-891-2525611
  • Email : vicechancellor@andhrauniversity.edu.in


Students want to pursue their passions. They have goals. They dream about life; a better life for themselves and their families and hence they are focussed.

I see Andhra University as a “rising star” in mission-oriented research and innovation in INDIA which puts STUDENTS at the forefront of that mission.

“Making a Difference in the Life of Every Student” is the Priority of my administration, hence I look forward to a deep engagement with Students, Industry, Faculty, and Community to position Andhra university as the national leader in delivering value to the students and offering a transformative educational and life experience.

The University faculty are here to be the mentors and facilitators to help the students in all round progress. The new generation of students sets their sights higher because they see the teachers in front of them , as a role model.

The parents are here to understand the strength and weaknesses of their wards and encourage them, in choosing a study of their passion. The students are here to understand that the rules and regulations in the university are put in a place to help them in achieving dreams.

There must be an aspiration to excel and serve the society, and hence there must be measuring standards. We the faculty and students as a University must excel and set standards to impact society and future generations. We have the freedom, based on our knowledge, experience, exposure, excellence and reputation, to be the leading pioneers in the field of education and research.

In the journey, there will be tough times and there will be easier ones, but we shall work hard withno regrets, and be victorious. The Vice Chancellor office works collaboratively across the University Constituent and Affiliated Colleges to ensure that every student has the best possible education and experience.

A student focused University!

Yes. We shall take cognizance of the role of students and put them at the centre of our focus.

It is time we realize, that we need students more than they need us and this will be the driving force towards the decision making in prioritizing their wellness and quality education.

Indeed, the faculty should impart a great deal of knowledge and values like social and civic responsibility to the students with much emphasis on their academic work in our quest to make them people who thrive-with good etiquette and work ethics. The students are also free to engage in some other extra-curricular programmes, events, online courses provided they help them to expand knowledge and skills for the future.

Besides, we wish to train the students who are much concerned about the welfare of the community and this triggers their involvement in community outreach activities that are meant to alleviate life standard of the population andtherefore students become strong contributors to society.

I strongly believe in team work. Let us work with utmost sincerity and thought fullness.

Best Wishes
Prof. PVGD Prasad Reddy.


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