A Women's Grievance Cell is a crucial support system in organizations and institutions. Its main purpose is to address and resolve issues related to gender-based discrimination, harassment, or any form of injustice faced by women. The main purpose of this platform is to provide a secure and confidential space for women to report complaints, seek help, and receive guidance and support in a respectful and empathetic way. These cells play a vital role in promoting gender equality, ensuring the well-being of women, and creating an environment free from discrimination. Women's Grievance Cells play a crucial role in supporting individuals in need by working closely with legal authorities and counsellors. They aim to provide comprehensive assistance and ensure women's rights are upheld. Additionally, they advocate for a workplace or educational environment that is free from any form of gender-based discrimination or harassment.

Contact Details
Name: Prof. Vijaya Lakshmi
Contact Number: +91 9948810852