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Andhra University is the first University to start the MBA Program as a two year full-time course in India in the year 1957. Andhra University started Integrated BBA-MBA Program from the academic year 2020-21 under RUSA 2.0 with multiple entry-exit options, as a self support program. The integrated program is aimed at international students and also provides opportunity to Indian students. AUSIB is proud to announce that this program is offered in academic collaboration with IIM, Visakhapatnam. Andhra University and IIMV entered into a MOU on 29th January 2021. The course provides comprehensive understanding of the Business knowledge and gain the firepower of professional and leadership skills required to be an entrepreneur/ attain Top level position in powerful Global companies. The meticulous design and frame work of delivery equips students with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to succeed as managers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. This course promises a richly rewarding undertaking with great career potential.

  • Academic Collaboration with IIM-Visakhapatnam, a premiere Institute for Management in India.
  • 5 year integrated BBA- MBA Program with multiple entry-exit options. If students exeunt after completion of 3 years, they shall be given BBA degree.
  • New National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is blended in this program.
  • Skill based curriculum design that focuses on increasing Employability.
  • Learning through practical Training and case studies.
  • Opportunity for Cross-cultural Exchange.
  • Online Lectures by eminent Professors of international repute from Overseas.
  • Compulsory Internships at the end of each academic year.
  • A full semester project work in final year Specializations that fit to the needs of Industry.


Name Designation Qualification Specialization
Prof. T. Sobhasri Professor &
Principal, IASE
M.A., Ph.D. Medical & Psychiatry
Dr. D. Nagaraja Kumari Assistant Professor &
Chairperson - Board of Studies Education (P.G)
M.A., M.A.(Edn), Ph.D. Educational Psychology,
Advanced Educational Research,
Political Economy, Inclusive Education
Dr. T. Sharon Raju Assistant Professor &
Chairman - Board of Studies Education (U.G),
Associate Dean, Dean of Students Affairs
M.Sc., M.A.(Phil), M.A. (Socio),
M.A.(Pub Admn), M.Ed.,
Pedagogy of Biological science,
Philosophical and sociological foundations
of education, Educational Administration
and management
Dr. N. Sony Havilah Assistant Professor (C) M.Sc.(Zoology), M.Ed.,
M.Phil., Ph.D., M.A.(English)
Pedagogy of Biological science,
Advanced Educational Research, Learning
Assessment, Environmental Education
Dr. G. Vidyavathi Assistant Professor (C) M.Sc.(Physics), M.Ed.,
M.Phil., Ph.D.,
Pedagogy of physical science, ICT,
Educational Research, Teacher
Eduation, CMLAR
Dr. K. Tirumalamba Assistant Professor (C) M.A.(Philosophy), M.Ed.,
M.A.(Psychology), M.A(Telugu),
PG Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
M.Phil., Ph.D.,APSET,
Ph.D in Education
Philosophical foundations of education,
Sociological foundations of education,
Perspectives of child Development,
Understanding self, Educational studies
and Educational Psychology, Teacher Education
Dr. Y. Sridevi Assistant Professor (C) M.A.(Politics), M.A.(Education),
M.A.(Telugu), M.Phil., Ph.D.,
Pedagogy of Social science,
Pedagogy of Telugu, Contemporary
India and Education, Teacher Education
Dr. K.V. Prasanna Kumari Assistant Professor (C) M.A.(English), M.A.(Education),
M.B.A.(Finance), M.Phil., Ph.D.,
Pedagogy of English, Communicative English
and expository writing, Curriculum studies,
Academic Writing
Dr. M. Pushpa Rajyam Assistant Professor (C) M.sc(chemistry), M.A(Englilsh),
M.Ed, Ph.D.,
ICT, Perspectives of Child development,
understanding self, Educational studies,
Teacher Education, Curriculum studies
  • To organize pre-service teacher education courses for preparation of secondary teachers.
  • To conduct programmes in Elementary Teacher Education so as to train Elementary Teacher Educators.
  • To organize subject-oriented and theme-specific in-service teachers education programmes for secondary teachers in order to keep them abreast of new development and innovations in educational practices.
  • To Provide extension and resource support services to secondary schools, schools complexes and individual teachers.
  • To conduct experimentation and innovation in school education
  • To provide training and resources support for the new areas of educational concern viz. value - orientation , work experience environmental educational, population, education, population education , educational technology, computer literacy etc
  • To conduct M.Ed., M.Phil., and Ph.D., programmes in education so as to prepare Elementary and secondary Teacher Educators and research workers in Education.
  • To conduct in service courses for i) Elementary and Secondary teacher educators, ii) Principals and Teachers of secondary schools and iii) Persons involved in the supervision of secondary schools
  • To conduct advanced level fundamental and applied research and experimentation in education especially , education and economic development, educational psychology etc.,
  • To conduct training programmes for preparation of software and use of educational technology.
  • To conduct academic guidance to DIETS and resources support to colleges of Teacher Education.
  • To develop instructional material and instructional packages for use by the teacher educational institutions.
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