• Name : Prof. A. Prasad
  • Designation : Head of the Department
  • Email: head.humanities@andhrauniversity.edu.in

The Department of Humanities and Basic Sciences encompasses six disciplines: English, Management, Economics, Soft Skills, Mathematics, and Physics. Committed to an interdisciplinary approach, it caters to undergraduate and postgraduate students across engineering branches. Physics, initially established in 1966, provides foundational support; Mathematics, established in 1980 from Mathematical Physics, is one of the fundamental subjects in Engineering; and Humanities and Social Sciences, established in 1980, includes English, Management, and Economics in its diverse curriculum. All the above have been merged to form the Department of Humanities and Basic Sciences.

The department has been home to numerous projects and value additions to the College of Engineering over the years of its existence in various divisions. It acts as a supporting department for the core departments of Engineering.

The Department of Humanities and Basic Sciences at Andhra University College of Engineering offers interdisciplinary education, combining technical skills with societal understanding. Focusing on critical thinking, communication, and ethics it empowers engineering students. Mathematics and Physics provide a robust foundation, enhancing analytical and innovative capacities. The department significantly contributes to research using computational modeling, theoretical physics, Management, and English studies. Supported by the university administration, senior professors hold critical roles in academics and administration. This legacy reflects Andhra University's dedication to producing well-rounded professionals. The Department of Humanities and Basic Sciences is an interdisciplinary education beacon, equipping students with intricate global challenge

Mission: To be a catalyst for holistic education, shaping future engineers to be intellectually curious, socially responsible, and adaptable in a technologically evolving world.

Vision: To invigorate interdisciplinary collaboration, transcend traditional boundaries, and promote the holistic development of students.

NAAC Presentation

Sr.no Programs Offered
1 Ph.D in English
2 Ph.D in Management
3 Ph.D in Economics
4 Ph.D in Mathematics
5 Ph.D in Physics

Name Designation Qualification Specialization
Prof. T. Linga Raju Professor
& Chairman Combined Board of Studies
Ph.D. Fluid Mechanics
Prof. Yajjala Rama Krishna Professor
Ph.D. Nuclear Physics, Material Science
Prof. P. Vasudeva Reddy Professor Ph.D. Cryptography
Prof. A. Prasad Professor &
Head of the Department
M.B.A., M.Phil, PhD Marketing Management
Prof. Ch. Santhi Sundar Raj Professor Ph.D. Lattice theory and its applications
Prof. A. Rama Naga Hanuman Professor M.A., PGDJ(Symbiosis), PGDTE (EFLU), PhD Postwar American Fiction, Cultural Studies and ELT
Prof. S. Kalesha Vali Professor PhD Algebra,lattice Theory, Mathematical Modelling
Prof.B.Madhukar Patnaik Professor (A) Ph.D.
Prof.S.S.V.N. Sakuntala Professor (A) Ph.D.
Dr. C. Balakotiah Associate Professor M.A.,PhD Economics
Dr. B. Swarnalatha Associate Professor PhD Physics
Dr. N. Sri Vidya Assistant Professor (C) M.A.,PhD English
Dr.A. Ramesh Babu Assistant Professor (C) M.A.,PhD English