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  • Designation : Head of the Department
  • Phone : +91-99638 47111
  • Email : hodcsse.au@gmail.com

The Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering was given the status of a separate department in 1983, after bifurcation of the Electrical Engineering department. Since inception, it has grown in stature to be ranked amongst one of the best in the country.

As three decades on, the department is a force for innovation, scientific discovery and global impact. The department takes pride of its graduating students and many of whom are leaders in academia, industry and government.

The Department currently offers a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, M.Tech in Computer Science and Technology, M.Tech in Information Technology, M.C.A, and Ph.D Programmes in Computer Science.

The Courses offered in the department meet the requirements of both industry and research. The faculty of the Department are actively engaged in research in the areas of Data & Knowledge Management, Software Engineering, Image Processing, Cryptography, Data Mining, and Artificial Intelligence.

The faculty members are collaborating with institutions like Center for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Bangalore, Tech Mahindra Ltd, IBM Visakhapatnam, Business Analytics Ltd, Visakhapatnam, Brain-O-Vision, Hyderabad, Maritime University Visakhapatnam, Naval Science & Technological Lab, Visakhapatnam, National Jiao Tong University, China, VUDA Visakhapatnam for research and consultancy.

Name of Course Eligibility Criteria Duration Intake
B.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering) EAMCET Rank 4Yrs 30
M.Tech. (Computer Science and Technology) AUCET Rank & GATE 2Yrs 26
M.Tech. (Information Technology) AUCET Rank & GATE 2Yrs 10
Master of Computer Applications (MCA) ICET Rank 3Yrs 40
M.Tech. (Artificial Intelligence & Robotics) SF AUCET Rank & GATE 2Yrs 18
M.Tech. (Computer Networks) SF AUCET Rank & GATE 2Yrs 18

Name Designation Qualification Specialization
Prof. Prasada Reddy P.V.G.D. Senior Professor &
Vice-Chancellor, AU
Ph.D. Software Architectures, Data Engineering, Image Analysis & Machine Intelligence, Computer Networks & Crypto Systems and Web Technologies
Prof. P.S.Avadhani Professor &
Former Principal, AUCE(A)
Ph.D. Cryptography, Algorithms, Data Security and Computer Graphics.
Prof. P.Srinivasa Rao Professor &
Principal, AUCE(A)
Ph.D. Image Processing, Queuing Applications.
Prof. M.Shashi Professor Ph.D. Data Warehousing & Mining, AI, Data Structures
Prof. V.Valli Kumari Professor Ph.D Network Security, Cryptography, Algorithms, E-Commerce Security, DBMS, Data Mining, software Engineering.
Prof. S. Pallam Setty Professor Ph.D Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Sensor Networks, Wireless Networks
Prof. Kuda Nageswara Rao

Professor &
Co-ordinator, APSCHE Online Admissions Centre, AU
Head of the Department
Ph.D Computer Networks (Wired & Wireless), TCP/IP, Internet Technologies, Telematics, Data Communications, Cloud commputing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Software Engineering
Prof. D.Lalitha Bhaskari Professor &
Dean, IQAC
Ph.D. Security, Theory of Computation, Image Processing, Network Security & Cryptography.
Prof. B.Prajna Professor Ph.D. Data Structures, DAA, Computer Graphics, Operating Systems, DBMS, Ex.S, CD
Prof. K.Venkata Rao Professor &
Dean, Academic Affairs
Ph.D. Image Processing, Data Structures, Systems Programming, Programming Languages, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Web Technologies.
Prof. M.Sampath Kumar Professor
Assistant Principal, AUCE(A)
Ph.D Cryptography, Algorithms, Data Security, Microcomputers
Prof. K.V.Ramana Professor Ph.D Image Processing, Compilers, System Software
Prof. S.Viziananda Row Professor Ph.D Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, AI
Prof. Ch.Satyananda Reddy Professor &
Addl. Dean (Confidential-Exams)
Ph.D. Software Engineering, Software Project and Process Management, Software Estimation, Software Metrics, Software Requirements Engineering, Software Architecture, Software Testing, Human Computer Interaction.
Prof. Kunjam Nageswara Rao Professor &
Warden (PG Block - Men Engg)
Ph.D. Algorithms, Bio-Informatics, Operating Systems.
Dr. K.Raja Kumar Assistant Professor Ph.D. Embedded Systems, VLSI, Micro Controllers, Computer Networks.
Dr. S.Jhansi Rani Assistant Professor Ph.D. Computer Networks, Data Communication, Data Structures, DBMS, Operating Systems.
Dr. K.Venkata Ramana Assistant Professor Ph.D. Compiler Design, Data Mining and Ware Housing, Formal Languages and Web Technologies.
Dr. A.M.Soujanya Assistant Professor Ph.D. DBMS, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, FS.
Dr. G.Lavanya Devi Assistant Professor Ph.D. Fuzzy Theory, Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Database Systems, Cryptography and Network Security, Algorithm Analysis, Automata Theory, Computer Communication and Networks
Dr. G. Sharmila Sujatha Assistant Professor (C) MCA, M.Tech., Ph.D.
Sri. J. Srinivasa Babji Assistant Professor (C) M.Tech., Ph.D.
Prof.P.Seetharamaiah PROFESSOR EMERITUS Ph.D. VLSI, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Networks, Data Communications, Computer Organization and Micro Processors