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1 Patikri Arachchige Dona Pethmi Dunya Amarasekara
(B.Tech. Chemical Engineering, Andhra University)
Sri Lanka Reading, Travelling and Watching Movies Communication Skills, Essential I.T Skills, Intermediate Programming Skills

“As a person, I am constantly ready to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. I approach life with an optimistic and proactive attitude, and I am open to new ideas and chances. I work hard to be an effective communicator by actively listening and empathizing. I believe in treating everyone with dignity and professionalism, and in the importance of meaningful connections and collaborations. I am really excited about the opportunities that await me in the future.”

2 Pradeep Kumar Chaurasiya
(B. Pharm, Andhra University)
Nepal Travelling, Cookingand Reading Communication Skills, Essential I.T Skills, Management Skills

“I'm a go-getter who takes risks and push myself out of my comfort zone, because I believe that's where growth happens. I always keep a good attitude, and is organised and detail-oriented. I work well in groups, like hobbies, and am always looking for ways to improve myself. I believe that personal growth is a continuous journey.Overall, I'm an enthusiastic, cheerful, and team player who is constantly eager to do new things and make a positive difference wherever I go.”

3 Pushpalata Karn
(B.Tech, Civil Engineering, Andhra University)
Nepal Painting, Drawing, Reading Books, Travelling, Cooking Communication skills, Essencial social skills , basic IT skills

“As a person I would refer myself as a multitasker, on the other hand I am good at problem solving in a work pressure.I am quite energetic, enthusistic and curious. I am very much flexible and can adapt to new situations. I am a hardworker and genuine person. I have a friendly personality and can do teamwork perfectly.I am very much friendly and optimistic with team. I am self motivated, determind and confident.”

4 Swastika Bhattacharjee
(B. Tech, Mechanical Engineering, Andhra University)
Bangaladesh Reading, Travelling, Dancing, Singing, Painting ,Acting , Public Speaking Leadership , Communicaton , Maintaing Socials, MS word ,MS Excel, Powerpoint , Adobe Illustrator and Content Writing

“I would like to describe myself as a resourceful, creative and an ambitious person who is specifically good at leading a group or team and an excellent persuasive speaker . Versatile in real life problem solving and at the same time would like to take Risks. I’m Agile , Innovative and Collaborative with my work . My Analytical efficiency is always compliance-focused and result-driven. My communication skills and public speaking skills are one of my strength .”