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  • Name : Prof. A.J.Solomon Raju
  • Designation : Head of the Department
  • Phone : +91-891-2844569, 4570
  • Email: head.environmental@andhrauniversity.edu.in

The Andhra University Department of Environmental Sciences (AUDEN) was found in 1976 as a part of the College of Science & Technology, and is one of the first three University departments in India to have started Post Graduate and Higher Programmes in Environmental Sciences.

Ever since its inception, AUDEN believed in Ecological Management and Ecofriendly technologies to solve all the Environmental Problems. Protection, Conservation and Sustainable use of Natural Ecosystems has been the motto of the AUDEN which engages in

  • Educational
  • Research
  • Extension
  • Consultancy and
  • Training (ERECT) activities related to different natural and man made environments and ecosystems.
  • EDUCATIONAL: The department that was started with a single course at Post P.G. level in 1976 is currently offering M.Sc., Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management (for inservice candidates), M.Phil., and Ph.D. programmes. AUDEN courses and programmes have been designed, reviewed and revised, as an when the national priorities and goals are revised and offers holistic approach aimed at multidisciplinary training to its students. From 1977 to 1990, the period when Environmental Sciences has not been a discipline in many Universities, the AUDEN has initiated a course. Post M.Sc. Diploma in Environmental Sciences (PGDESc.)

    With the objective to make Science Post-Graduates and Graduate Engineers more environmental conscious and train them in different facets of environment and environmental monitoring. This course received wide appreciation and support. The UGC has paid Fellowships to the students studying this course. So far 10 batches were released under this programme, till 1989.

    After the establishment of separate Ministry of Environment and Forest & Wildlife by the Govt. of India, and based on the debates held National wide on National Policy on Environment and National Forest Policy, the AUDEN has realized the need for M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and started the same in lieu of Post M.Sc. Diploma.

    AUDEN is the first in Andhra Pradesh to have started M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences. The course has been designed to provide strong foundation and expertise to the students on various sciences related to the management and monitoring of the environment as well as the tools required to take up the challenges of extending Environmental Education to all levels from schools to colleges as envisaged in Supreme Court directive to the governments and educational institutions. So far, 10 batches have completed their M.Sc. and the course is also offered currently.

    Courses Offered No. Of Seats Available
    M.Sc. 24 (12 Payment)
    M.Phil. 06
    Ph.D. 06

    Name Designation Qualification Specialization
    Prof. A.J.Solomon Raju Professor
    Head of the Department & BOS, Chairman & Microbiology
    Ph.D. Pollination Ecology, Energy Management, Environmental Health, Conservation Biology, Mangrove Forest Management
    Prof. T.Byragi Reddy Professor & BOS, Chairman & Environmental Sciences Ph.D. Biodiversity, Pollination & Microbial Ecology, GIS & Remote Sensing Applications
    Name Designation
    Prof. P.V.V. Prasada Rao Honorary Professor
      Revised Syllabus - Pandemic year(2020-2021 Examinations)
      M.Sc., Environmental Science - Syllabus - Pandemic year(2020-2021 Examinations) (First Semester)
      M.Sc., Environmental Science - Revised Syllabus - Pandemic year(2020-2021 Examinations) (Third Semester)