• Name : Dr. D.Ramesh
  • Designation : Associate Professor
    & Head of the Department
  • Phone : +91-9440193100
  • Email : head.anthro@andhrauniversity.edu.in

The Department of Anthropology is one of the oldest in South India established in 1961 under the leadership of Dr. N. Subba Reddy. The department maintains a holistic approach to anthropological teaching and research in all fields of the discipline including Socio-cultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology and Palaeo Anthropology. Initially the department offered a program in Social Anthropology specialization. G. Golla Reddy joined the department in November 1961 followed by D. L. Prasada Rao in the year 1962 as lecturers. A. Muniratnam Reddy joined the faculty in the year 1967. Dr. Aiyyapan, the former Head of the department of Anthropology, Utkal University and Vice-Chancellor of Kerala University has associated with the department as research professor during 1967-69 .

Dr M. R. Chakravarthi joined as a Reader in 1969 and initiated offering program in Physical Anthropology specialization. With the joining of Dr K. Thimma Reddy in 1970 who specialized in Pre-history, the department attained full-fledged status by offering programs in all the three specializations and continued its holistic aspects till today. Recognizing the vast growth of the discipline, in 1973 a separate department of Human Genetics and Physical Anthropology was carved out and Dr. M. R. Chakravarthi took the reins of that department. With the establishment of Anthropology department at S. V. University in 1972, Dr. Muniratnam Reddy was grafted to Tirupati. Later, Prof. Subba Reddy moved to University of Madras to establish a new department to Anthropology in 1976. M. Kodanda Rao, G. Prakash Reddy, R. Yathiraj Kumar and Dr. P. Veerraju joined the department in 1975 followed by induction of K. E. Rajpramukh, J. M. Naidu K. Srinivasa Murthy, V. L. Narasimha Rao, Ch. Bapu Haranath and P. Vijayaprakash in 1979. P. Veerraju was elevated as Reader and joined in the department of Human Genetics and Physical Anthropology Dr Kodanda Rao was elevated and joined as Reader in NEHU and moved to University of Hyderabad University to start the Department of Anthropology and Sociology. Dr. Prakash Reddy took up professorship at S. V. University, Tirupati in 1986. Dr. G. Jai Kishan joined the faculty in the year 1984. Dr S. Narahari, Dr. R. Sambasiva Rao, Dr. G. Paddaiah Dr. V. Subramanyam and Mr D. Ravindranath joined the faculty in the year 1985. Then the department had the strength of 16 teaching staff members during 1985-86. Later on P. D. S. Pal Kumar joined in 1994 followed by D. Ramesh in year 2000.

The department has a sound infrastructural base for pursuing teaching and research activities. It is endowed with four laboratories- human cytogenetics laboratory, forensic& serology laboratory, molecular genetics laboratory, Paleo anthropological laboratory, an ethnographic museum with a wide collection of exhibits from various parts of the country, a library, audio-visual equipment, film archive and skilled human resources.

Students for the four-semester postgraduate program in Anthropology are drawn from arts and science streams admitted through a common entrance test held by the state government. They are exposed in the fourth semester to a three week field-work in tribal areas to provide them first hand experience in data collection, analysis and report writing.

The alumni of the department are occupying important positions in universities, research institutes, apart from State and Central governments and other organizations. The department extends consultancy services for government and voluntary organizations. It carries out activities such as genetic counseling, blood grouping tests, as part of extension activities and self sustaining efforts.

M.A/M.Sc Anthropology (Social and Biological Anthropology Specializations)
Ph.D in Anthropology

Name Designation Qualification Specialization Areas of Interest
Prof. P.D.Satya Pal Kumar Professor M. A., Ph.D. Social Cultural Anthropology Social Inequality, Dependency Relations, Human Rights .
Dr. D.Ramesh Associate Professor &
Head of the Department
M. A., Ph.D. Social Cultural Anthropology Development Anthropology, Political and Economic Antthropology
Dr. V. Subramanyam Professor (H) M. A., Ph.D. Social Cultural Anthropology Ecological Anthropology and Sustainable Development Studies
  • Human Cytogenetics Laboratory: It is equipped with all the state of art technology like laminar flow, incubator, centrifuse, micro-centrifuse, field contrast microscope, culture media and all the chemicals needed and essential for carrying out regular Human chromosomal work.
  • Serological and Forensic Laboratory: Equipped with necessary paraphernalia to carry out blood group typing, both ABO and Rh and other blood groups like, MN, Duff, Kell, Secretor, non-secretor; forensic investigations like developing latent finger prints, identification of biological and skeletal material, finger print analysis and also DNA finger printing.
  • Paleo Laboratory: To carry out pollen and soil analysis, identification of tool types e.t.c for reconstruction of prehistory by the analysis of the material culture.
  • Molecular Laboratory: Extraction of DNA, Analysis of DNA with a host of RFLP's, DNA finger printing, Polymerase chain reaction , Southern blotting.
  • Ethnographic Museum: It contains material cultural artifacts representing tribal and rural populations of India in general and the material culture 0f Andhra-Orissa-Chattisgarh, Andaman and Nicobar tribes and rural populations of North Coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh. Models of different racial types, relevant prehistoric tools and photographic exhibits of several cultures are also part of the ethnographic museum. All the exhibits are systematically catalogued and thematically displayed with eye pleasing illumination.
  • Library: In addition to the General Library of the University, the department has established a library of its own with a collection of nearly thousand books & journals for the benefit of students, scholars & teachers.
  • Audio Visual Equipment: Audio visual equipment is acquired to facilitate effective teaching - learning process and felid work include over - head projectors, slide projectors, TV, Cassette recorders, cameras &computers.
  • Film Archive: A collection of nearly 25 video - cassettes depicting ethnographic accounts of several cultures are acquired from various sources.

Ph.Ds awarded

The Department awarded 98 PhDs starting from the year 1961 and 26 M.Phils starting from the year 1961. Following is the list of PhDs and M.Phils awarded from 1971.

1 Dr.D.L.Prasada Rao 1971 An Analysis of Kinship Economy and Religion of the Jatapus - A Scheduled Tribe in A.P
2 Dr.A.Muniratnam Reddy 1972 The Bhagata and related Tribes
3 Dr.G.Golla Reddy 1973 An Anthropo Genetic Study of Bhagata
4 Dr.M.Kodanda Rao 1976 Family and Kinship among Jalaris of Coastal A.P
5 Dr.D.V.Raghava Rao 1977 Konda Doras : A Study in Social-culture change
6 Dr.V.Sudarsen 1977 Environment and Archeology of Nellore District
7 Dr.M.Suryanarayana 1978 Marriage, Family and Kinship of the Savaras in A.P
8 Dr.N.V.Kameswara Rao 1978 Caste and Politics in a Telangana Village and its Religion : A Study of Village Leadership
9 Dr.G.Prakash Reddy 1979 Cultural Ecology of an Island Community: A Case Study of Chowra
10 Dr.S.V.Krishna Prasad 1979 Irrigation and Change : A Case Study of Chowra
11 Dr.V.N.V.K. Sastry 1981 Cultural Contact : A Case Study of the Social Dynamics of Population
12 Dr.M.V.T.Raju 1981 Persistence and Change: A Study of Wantendar System and the Institutional Complex in Rural Telangana with Special Reference to Medak District
13 Dr.R.Sambasiva Rao 1981 A Study of Arterial Blood Pressure Correlates Among Three Populations of Visakhapatnam Area (South India)
14 Dr.I.M.Samuel 1981 A Study of Physical Growth and Development of Valmiki and Bhagata Boys of Visakhapatnam District (A.P)
15 Dr.R.Yathiraj Kumar 1982 School System and Tribal Community : A Study on Scheduled Tribes of Bhadragiri Block
16 Dr.M.Sudhakara Babu 1982 KoyaDoras: A Population Genetic Study
17 Dr.P.Vijaya Prakash 1982 Lithic Cultures and Palaeo - Environment of Gambheeram River Valley Visakhapatnam Coast
18 Dr.G.Paddaiah 1982 The Effects of Parental Consanguinity and Inbreeding on the Anthropometric Measurements of the New born Babies and on the Obstetric Histories of their Mothers of Visakhapatnam, Dist, A.P.
19 Dr.G.Jai Kishan 1982 Physical Anthropology of Konda Kammaras
20 Dr (Mrs) Naseem Ameer 1983 Neolithic of Visakhapatnam An Ethno - Archaeological Study
21 Dr.M.Rama Devi 1983
22 Dr.P.Venkata Rao 1984 Institutional Framework for Tribal Development Case Study of a Tribal Village in Andhra Pradesh
23 Dr.K.E.Raj Pramukh 1984 Harijans and Harijan Christians of Guntur: A Study in Social Mobility and Change
24 Dr.V.Subramanyam 1985 Patterns of Interaction of a Muslim Village in Coastal Andhra Pradesh-Islampet and It's Region
25 Dr.V.L.Narasimha Rao 1985 Savara and Jatapu : A Demo-Genetic Study
26 Dr.K.Sreenivasa Murthy 1988 Stone Age Archaeology of Araku Valley, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
27 Dr.C.Sri Devi 1988 The Gisher women in Family and Economy : A Micro Study
28 Dr.D.Padmavathi 1988 Caste and Occupational Change: A Study of Gajula Balija Caste of Chittore Dist A.P
29 Dr.B.Dharma Rao 1989 Physical Growth among Yadava and Vadabalija Boys of Visakhapatnam: A Cross Sectional Study
30 Dr.G.Raja Rajeswari 1989 A Demographic Study of Yadava and Vadabalija Communities of Visakhapatnam
31 Dr.S.Sachi Devi 1990 A Population Genetic Study of Konda Dora Tribe
32 Dr.G.V.Ramana 1992 An Anthorpogenetic Study of Manne Dora Tribe
33 Dr.V.Rama Rao 1992 Schooling among Scheduled Tribes of Andhra Pradesh : A Study on the Factors affecting Teacher Functioning
34 Dr.M.Sai Leela 1993 Nutritional Profile of Woman in Visakhapatnam : An Analysis
35 Dr.Yasmin 1993 An Anthropological Profile of Kotia Tribe
36 Dr.B.Veeraju Babu 1994 A Poulation Genetic Study of Sub-Tribes of Mali from Andhra Pradesh
37 Dr.D.Jesuratnam 1995 Cultural Ecology of Ayodya lanka : A River Island Community
38 Dr.Y.Kanaka Durga 1995 Rural Women: A Study in different Castes of Sabbavaram Region
39 Dr.Alok Rath 1996 Quaternary Environment and Prehistoric Cultural Development : A Micro - Level Study on the East Coast of India
40 Dr.Rajesh Patnaik 1997 Urban Poor, Social Policy and International Assistance: Dimensions of Planned Interventions is Slums of Visakhapatnam City. (India).
41 Dr.M.Hima Bindu 1999 Ageing, Problems and care: A Study among aged women in Visakhapatnam District, A.P
42 Dr.Y.Kusuma Kumari 1999 Epidemiology of Blood Pressure Across A Few Cross - Cultural Populations of Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh, India
43 Dr.B.V.Ravi Prasad 1999 The Nicobaris of Andaman and Nicobar Island : A Demographical Study
44 Dr.K.Chandramouli 1999 Mesolithic Adaptations in the Eastern Ghats of Visakhapatnam Region : An Ethnoarchaeological Study
45 Dr.K.R.Rama Mohan 2000 Problems and Perspectives of Primary Education in the Tribal areas of Visakhapatnam District
46 Dr.K.Mallikarjuna Rao 2001 Nutrition Profile and Household Food Security among Rural Population in Different Regions of A.P
47 Dr.D.Madhavi 2001 A Study of the Effects of Parental Consanguinity and Inbreeding on Newborn
48 Dr.V.Subramanyam 2001 Displacement and Rehabilitation : A Study of the Socio-Cultural Implication on People Displaced by Visakhapatnam Steel Plant
49 Dr.(Mrs) G.Manimala 2002 Little Tradition in Urban area of Visakhapatnam
50 Dr.K.Madhavi 2005 Influence Of Physical Activity, Personal Habits and Some Physiological Attributes on Serum Lipid Profiles Among Populations of Diverse Dietary Habits
51 Dr.Ch.Bapu Haranath 2006 Dynamics of land alienation among Jatapu of AP
52 Dr.W.Rupa 2007 A Study on Socioeconomic, Nutritional and Health status with Special Reference to Occupational Health hazards of Dudakela Community (Traditional Cottonginners) of Visakhapatnam, A.P, India
53 Dr.Shibani Mukarjee 2007 A Bio-Anthropological Study Among Mentally Retarded Children of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh (India)
54 Dr.M.Rajendra Prasad 2007 Koyas of Rampa Agency: Socio-political Matrix of Marginalization
55 Dr.P.Durga Rao 2008 Forest Environment, Sustainable Livelihoods and Development : A study Among Primitive Tribes in Visakha Agency Area of Andhra Pradesh
56 Dr.P.Sankara Rao 2008 Sustainable Tribal Development: A Study in Gummalakshmipuram Mandal in Vizianagaram District of Andhra Pradesh, India
57 Dr.M.Gopichand 2008 Angiotensinogen Gene M235T Variation and its association with Essential Hypertension & Its relation to some of the CVD risk factors in two Caste Communities
58 Dr.K.Baleswamy 2009 Infant Feeding Practices Among the Slum Dwellers of Visakhapatnam City, A.P.
59 Dr.M.Narasinga Rao 2009 Smoking, Consanguinity and Bio-Anthropological Variation: A Primitive Tribal Study from Andhra Pradesh (India)
60 Dr.Ch.Seshagiri Rao 2010 Physical Growth among Gadaba and Savara Tribal population of North Coastal Andhra Pradesh
61 Dr.A.Aparna 2010 "Nutritional anthropometry, physical growth, clinical signs and biochemical parameters among children from three populations."
62 Dr.K.Bharathi 2012 "Anthropological Demography of Khond, Gadaba and Savara Tribes of Andhra Pradesh."
63 Dr.Walelign Tadesse Robele 2012 "Fusion And Fission In Ethnic Identities Ethnography Of The Gurage Ethnicity"
64 Dr.G.Lakshmi 2012 "Reproductive And Child Health Situation Among Savara And Jatapu Tribes Of Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh"
65 Dr.K.Sanyasi Naidu 2012 "Dependence Relations Of Mala Masti - A Satellite Dalit Caste Of Andhra Pradesh"
66 Dr.I.Jhansi Rani 2012 "The Bondo Women Static Lives And Dynamic Roles"
67 Dr.M.Nani Babu 2012 "Anthropological Profile Of Bagatha, Konda Dora, Konda Reddi And Koya Dora Tribes Of Andhra Pradesh, India"
68 Dr.M.Venkata Ratnam 2013 "Struggle for survival and sustainable livelihood strategies to vulnerable tribes: a study of the chenchu tribe in Andhra Pradesh"
69 Dr.O.S.V.D.Prasad 2013 "Awareness And Attitude Of Tribes And Health Care Providers Regarding Rch Services"
70 Dr.V.Jayasri 2014 "Sex Work And Hiv/Aids In Andhra Pradesh: An Anthropological Study"
71 Dr.L.Giridhar 2014 "Perceptions And Practices Towards Reproductive And Child Health Among Gadaba And Konds Dora Tribes"
72 Dr.Mossa Endris Ahmed 2014 "Poverty and Livelihood Strategies of Female - Headed Households in Rural Ethiopia: The case of Libo Kemkem Woreda, South Gondar"
73 Dr.Dagne Shibru Abate 2014 "Conflict and Conflict Resolution Mechanisms in Ethiopia: The Case of Gedeo and Guji Ethnic Groups"
74 Dr.N.Srinivas 2014 "Maternal and Child Care Practices Among the Tribes of Visakhapatnam District, A.P."
75 Dr.Ch.SuriBabu 2014 A Bio Anthropological Study of Pengu Poraja: A south East Indian Tribe.
76 Dr.Dejene Teshome Kibret 2014 "Persistence and change in the Practice of Medical Pluralism in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia"
77 Dr.K.Lakshmi Narayana 2014 "A Study on the Health Care Practices with Emphasis on the Maternal and Child Care Among the Savara Tribe: A Most Vulnerable Tribe of Andhra Pradesh."
78 Dr.B.Veerabadrudu 2015 "Displacement, Deprivation And Development Of Project Affected Tribal People: A Study In The Rehabilitation Centres Of Medium Irrigation Projects In Andhra Pradesh."
79 Dr.Dereje Fufa Bidu 2015 "Performances of Gadaa rituals in Macca Oromoo, Ethiopia"
80 Dr.P.Pulakes 2016 "A Genetic Study Of Diabetic Nephropathy Among The Bengalee Population, India With Reference to Renin-Angiotensin - Aldosterone System (RAAS) Gene Polymorphism."
81 Dr.P.D.Satya Pal Kumar 2016 "Dynamics of Inequality among the Tribes: A Study of Araku Valley in Visakhapatnam Agency"
82 Dr.Venkata Prasad Rao 2016 "Agricultural Development and Change: A Study Among Tribes of Visakhapatnam Agency, Andhra Pradesh."
83 Dr.N.Srinvasu 2017 "Community Participation in Elementary Education: A Study on School Management Committees in Adilabad District of Telangana State."
84 Dr.Akmel Mohammed Usman 2017 "Abret-Inangara Accord: Syncretic Religious Processes and Practices Among Sabat Bet Gurage Muslims: Southwestern Ethiopia."
85 Dr.Ergogie Tesfaye Wolde-Meskel 2017 "The Dynamics and Interlacement of Traditional and Modern Conflict Resolution Mechanisms in Ethiopia: Hadiyya Society."
86 Dr.S.Narayana Rao 2018 "Impact Of Right To Education Act On Elementary School Education System In Tribal Sub-Plan Area Of Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh: A Holistic Research Study"
87 Dr.Yilkal Kefale Asres 2018 "Urban Poverty: The Case Of Debre Markos City Of Ethiopia."
88 Dr.Venkata Lakshmi Vennela 2018 "Dynamics Of Gender Roles: A Study On The Maritime Fisherwomen Of Visakhapatnam District"
89 Dr.P.Vasanthi 2018 "Maritime Landscape of Srikakulam District- Mofusbandar Fishing Villages"
90 Dr.K.Srinivasu 2019 "Traditional Fishing Technology and Maritime Communities of Visakhapatnam Region: A Comparative Study"
91 Dr.Pappala Appala Naidu 2019 "Health And Disease Among The Chenchu Of Nallamalai Forest, Andhra Pradesh"
92 Dr.Avanthi Cheeli 2019 "A Study on Demography, Reproductive and Child Health Among Konda Reddi of Telangana, India"
93 Dr.Neeraja Sunkari 2019 "Demographic Profile Among Two Caste Populations of Andhra Pradesh"
94 Dr.Devarakonda Ramesh 2019 "Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in Tribal Areas of Andhra Pradesh: A Study in Srikakulam District"
95 Dr.Bhagyalakshmi Ghatam 2020 "Factors inhibiting and Promoting Change in Welfare and Empowerment Programmes among Rural Women: A Study of Durgi Mandal in Guntur District, A.P."
96 Dr.Chetti Srinivas 2021 " Study on the Aspects of Health and ABO Incompatibility Among Pengu Tribe of Visakhapatnam Agency "
97 Dr.Bepala S.S.Mruityanjaya 2021 "Deifying Sage Valmiki: An Anthropological Study On The Attempts Of Social Mobility By The Boya Of Andhra Pradesh"
98 Dr.Negessa Mokona Tuma 2023 "Culture and Resource Conservation: Contemporary Sustainability Challenges Among the Gujii Community in Southern Ethiopia."

M.Phil. awarded

1 Ch.Saraswathi 1990 Museums in India with Special Reference to Ethnography Museum in Bhubaneswar, Orissa
2 R.Ganapathi Rao 1993 A Demographic and Anthropometric Study of Dulia Population
3 M.Himabindu 1993 Aged women in Rural Andhra Pradesh: An Anthropological Study
4 S.Heena Kumari 1995 Genetic Demography, Anthropometry and Dermatoglyphics of Mulia Tribe
5 J.Lakshmi 1997 Dental Morphology and Pathology of Two Caste Communities of Visakhapatnam District
6 Ch.Bapu Haranath 1997 Land alienation and restoration
7 Shibani Mukherjee 1998 Physical Growth among Children of Visakhapatnam
8 P.Stephen 1998 Rudramakota : A Megalithic Site in Godavari Valley
9 Pankaj Kumar 1998 Impact of Aquaculture on Vaddis : A Fishing Community
10 M.Srinivasa Rao 1998 A Comparative study of Ashram and Non-Ashram schools in Vizianagaram District, A.P.
11 K.Lakshmi 1999 Impact Evalution on Tribal Development Project : Phase-I
12 P.Durga Rao 2000 Maternal and Child health Care among Tacha Koya of Warangal District, A.P
13 K.Gopi Krishna 2002 Ethnoarcheology of Megalithic Builders : A Study of Godavari River Valley.
14 Ch.Seshagiri Rao 2005 Physical Growth among Khond Tribal population of Visakhapatnam District.
15 K.Sanyasi Naidu 2005 Health status to Jalaris and Rellis of Visakhapatnam District
16 S.Bhaskar Babu 2005 Physique and Physiological Variation A study among the children of Visakhapatnam
17 K.Neelima 2005 Gender Issues, Women Empowerment and Development: A Study in Magamaripeta Village, Visakhapatnam District.
18 R.Ramanamma 2007 Status of women in Pedajalaripeta, Visakhapatnam, A.P.
19 V.Jayasri 2007 Sex Workers of East Godavari District (A.P): An Anthropological Study with Special Reference to HIV/AIDS
20 C.V.Ramana 2007 A Comparative Study of Secondary Education in Urban and Rural High Schools in Visakhapatnam District
21 L.Giridhar 2007 Epidemiological Study of Gastroesophoegal Reflex Disease among Slum dwellers
22 M.Hema Latha 2007 An Epidemiological Study of Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease among Auto drivers
23 Ch.Suribabu 2007 Growth and Development among bhagatha boys
24 K.Srinivasu 2012 Indigenous Knowledge Systems of Fishing Populations of Visakhapatnam Region
25 V.Venkata Lakshmi 2012 Fisherwomen of Visakhapatnam Coast: Their Entrepreneurial Tenacity in Up Keeping Maritime Culture
26 B.S.S.Mruityanjaya 2015 The Causes And Consequences Of Mental Illness: Data From Visakhapatnam Mental Care Hospital
  • Employing Agencies
  • Anthropological Survey of India is the premier organization which mostly employs the greenhorn anthropologists.
  • At the state level there is Tribal Cultural Research Organization (TCR & TI) which not only conducts research on various aspects of the tribals, in addition it also provides some employment.
  • Many of the national research institutes like National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Indian council for Medical Research (ICMR), Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya (IGRMS), Bhopal Planning Commission and Non Government Organizations (NGOs).
  • Extension Services
  • Anthropometric measurements and other genetic traits
  • Blood typing of both ABO and Rh groups.
  • Consultancy to Government of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to identify the status of Scheduled Caste and Tribes.
  • Consultancy to N.G.O's , State & Central level.
  • Forensic identification like finger print analysis.
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Identification of Prehistoric tools and other material cultures
  • Involvement in Community Development programs
  • Nutritional assessments of different foodstuffsBlood typing of both ABO and Rh groups.