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  • Name : Prof. A. Anuradha
  • Designation : Head of the Department
  • Phone : 0891-2844393
  • Email :head.music@andhrauniversity.edu.in

Music & Dance are the integral parts of the Cultural heritage of any Nation. To promote Art & Culture, the Andhra Viswa Kala Parishad introduced M.A. Music course in 1989 and Dance course in 2004.

The department was started in 1989 with Prof. L.S.R. Krishna Sastry ( from English Department) as Founder Coordinator under the leadership of Prof. K.V.Ramana , Vice-Chancellor and Dr. M. Gopalakrishana Reddy, the Registrar. The Department had the privilege of having eminent musicians and scholars as faculty members. Sangeeta Kalanidhi Dr. Nedunuri Krishna Murthy and Sangita Kala Sagara Sri Ivaturi Vijayeswara Rao ( for one year ) appointed as visiting professors initially. Sangita Kala Sagara, Smt. B. Arundhati Sarkar, Smt. M. Jalajakshi and Kum. K. Renuka Devi were the Guest Faculty. The first permanent Faculty was Smt. A. Anuradha in 1990. Smt. K. Saraswati Vidyardhi & Ms. Mandapaka Sarada, the first batch students of M.A. Music, were appointed as Guest Faculty from 1992 to 1994 and got appointments as permanent faculty in 1994. Ph.D in Music was introduced in 1996, and these three permanent Faculty members were the first batch Ph.D awardees.

Dr. V. Gowri Rammohan (from Psychology Department) served as Coordinator from 1994 to 2006, later Dr. A. Anuradha served upto 2014.

In 2004, Dance P.G. program was introduced with eminent Guest Faculty, ‘Sangita Nataka Academy Awardee’ Sri Pasumarthi Seetharamayya, Sri A. Rukmaji Rao, Smt. A.B. Balakondala Rao, Sri Hari Ramamurthy and Smt. N.P. Radhika.

The first BOS Chair Person from the faculty was Prof. K. Saraswati Vidyardhi served between 2008 to 2014 and later Prof. Mandapaka Sarada from 2014 to 2017.

In 2014, Music & Dance Programs were merged and then onwards it became “ Department of Music & Dance”, Dr. A. Anuradha was the first Head of the Dept. Since June 2017 Prof. K. Saraswati Vidyardhi is a A.U. Senate Member for a period of 3 years.

Programs Offered
Programs Offered
M.A. Music
M.A. Dance
Ph.D. in Music

Name Designation Qualification Specialization
Prof. K. Saraswati Vidyardhi Professor &
Chairman, Faculty of Fine Arts &
Top Rank Artiste of AIR&DD
M.A., Ph.D. The Unique style and Personality of Dr. Sripada Pinakapani, Creative Music, Singing of Anumandra Sthayi
Prof. A. AnuradhaProfessor &
M.A., Ph.D. Group Kritis in Telugu after Tyagaraja - and Analytical and Comparative study of them with Tyagaraja's Kritis
Dr. R. Madhuri Devi M.A.
Dr. P.V.S. Lakshmi M.A
Smt. D. Srivani M.A
Smt. A. B. Balakondala Rao M.A
Smt. N. P. Radhika M.A
Smt. B. Sarada M.A
Smt. K. V. Vijayaveni M.A
Sri Aditya B. Brahmam M.A