• Name :Prof .S. Pulla Rao
  • Designation : Head of the Department
  • Phone : (O) 0891 2844305, 4306
  • Email: head.economics@andhrauniversity.edu.in

The Department of Economics, one of the oldest and important departments in the University, was established in 1931. It was inaugurated by Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the then Vice-Chancellor and Sir J.C. Coyajee was the founder Head of the Department. Eminent and distinguished academicians like Prof. V.K.R.V. Rao, Prof. M.H. Gopal, Prof. P.S. Narayana Prasad etc. served in this department,

The department is a pioneer in starting new and innovative courses and programs. It is the first Department in the Country to offer Mathematical Economics and Econometrics in its curriculum in 1944. This is also the first Department in South India to introduce Economics of Education, Demography and Health Economics as special subjects in early ‘70s.

The department of Cooperation and Applied Economics has been merged with this Department in April 2008. This sister Department was the brain child of late Dr. V.S. Krishna, who perceived the significant role of Rural Development in the overall economic development of the Country and also who forecast middle and lower level management needs of the cooperative sector, which was considered, then, as an engine of economic growth.

Realizing the need to inject professionalism and impart practical training in the application of Econometrics, the Department has introduced M.A. / M.Sc. Quantitative Economics in 2000. In addition a one year Post Graduate Diploma program in Cooperation and Rural Studies(PGDCRS) was offered by the department during the period 2017-2020

The Department has the unique distinction of having the largest number of successful Fulbright Fellows on the Campus and as such, the Department with its learned faculty had provided excellent research guidance to scholars pursuing M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees. The Department published a good number of books, monographs, research reports and articles in various reputed national and international journals.

It is one of the few departments in the Country to initiate field work-oriented studies and empirical research. It has to its credit of conducting many pioneering studies like the first set of Farm Management Studies, Abolition of Zamindari System in Andhra Pradesh, Socio-Economic Survey of Nagarjuna Sagar Project, Implementation of Land Reforms in Andhra Pradesh etc., apart from conducting various research projects sponsored by International Organisations like FAO, ILO, IRRI etc., to mention a few and those sponsored by UGC, ICSSR, NABARD, Planning Commission Govt. of India and Andhra Pradesh etc. at the National level.

Recognizing the significant contribution made by the Department both in teaching and research, the UGC sanctioned Special Assistance Programme to the Department in 1978 and three phases of SAP were completed. In addition, the UGC has sanctioned ASIHSS Programme with effect from 1-4-2004 for a period of three years. Both SBI and NABARD instituted their chairs in the Department.

The Department owes its growth to the strong foundations and sustained academic leadership provided by Sir J.C. Coyajee, Dr. V.S. Krishna, Dr. V.K.R.V. Rao, Dr. M.H. Gopal, Prof. B. Sarveswara Rao, Prof. G. Parthasarathy, Prof. K.V.S. Sastry, Prof. K.V. Ramana, Prof. B. Prasada Rao, Prof. M. Jagadeswara Rao, Prof. S. Chandrasekhar. Prof. K.C. Reddy etc.

The Department successfully organised Annual Conferences of Indian Economic Association in 1974 and 2005 and of Indian Society of Agricultural Economics in 1969 and 2008, apart from organizing other seminars and National Conferences of the AP Economic Association etc.

The Department has produced 14 Vice-Chancellors. Six of the former Vice-Chancellors of Andhra University. Dr. V.S. Krishna, Dr. L. Bullayya, Mr. M.R. Appa Row, Prof. K.V. Ramana, Dr. M. Gopalakrishna Reddy and Prof. R. Radhakrishna are the alumni of this Department. Dr. M. Gopalakrishna Reddy had the rare distinction of serving the University for 27 years as Registrar and six years as Vice-Chancellor of this great University.

Many of the alumni of the Department by virtue of their key administrative and academic positions at both National and International levels have brought laurels to the Department as well as to the University in general. To begin with the Faculty, Dr. V.S. Krishana served as Chairman of the UGC, and Dr. B. Sarveswara Rao as Economic Adviser to Govt. of Eastern Nigeria. Both Dr. P.S. Narayana Prasad and Dr. D.V. Ramana served as Directors of the Economic Development Institute of the ESCAP, Bangkok, Prof. G. Parthasarathy was Consultant to the FAO, Rome, Dr. S. Venkateswara Rao, who worked for his Ph.D. under a Noble Laureate Prof. L.R. Klein was a Consultant to Planning Commission on International Trade, when Dr. Manmohan Singh was its Deputy Chairman. Dr. PAVB Swamy served the Federal Reserve System, USA. Dr. N.R. Siva Swamy was Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes, Dr. K.C. Reddy was Chairman of the APSCHE, Dr. K.S. Chalam was Member of the UPSC, Dr. G. Suryanarayana was Member of APPSC etc. As already mentioned, the Department had contributed many top level officials to Indian Administrative, Police, Economic and Revenue Services and to other coveted positions. Many of them served as Chief Secretaries, Directors General of Police Force at the State level. Apart from them, Sri P. Kotaiah served as Chairman of the NABARD, Sri V. Appa Rao served as Chairman of both APSRTC and APPSC. On the teaching side Dr. K. Krishna Murthy served as the Director, Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi, Dr. R. Radha Krishna served as Director, IGIDR, Mumbai, Dr. S. Nageswara Rao served the Hartford University, USA, Dr. D. Sai Prasada Rao has been serving the University of Australia, while Dr. GVL Narasimham served the US Federal Department of Commerce, to mention a few.

It is a matter of joyous pride for all of us in the Department to mention that the former Governor of Reserve Bank of India Dr. Duvvuri Subba Rao is an illustrious alumnus of the Department who worked for his Ph.D on Fiscal Reforms under the guidance of Prof. M. Jagadeswara Rao.

Many of our faculty members were assigned with key administrative responsibilities in the University, like Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean, College Development Council, Director, School of Distance Education, Chairman, Faculty of Arts, Convener, AUCET and above all Principal of the College of Arts & Commerce. Several faculty members received Best Thesis Awards, Best Researcher Awards, Best Academician Awards and Best Teacher Awards both from the University and from Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Programs Offered
M.A. Economics
M.A. Applied Economics
Ph.D. in Economics

Name Designation Specialization
Prof. Choudari Appa Rao Professor
Prof. N. Subha Rao Professor
Prof. G. Nagaraja Professor Mathematical Methods of Economics,
Statistical Methods in Economics,
International Trade and Theory
Dr. B. Lilly Grace Associate Professor Public Finance
Dr. D. Asha Latha Assistant Professor International Trade
Dr. V. V. S. Rama Krishna Assistant Professor(C) International Trade
S. Pulla Rao Professor & Head of the Department Industrial Economics, Agricultural Economics and Tribal Economy
Class Rooms 8
Seminar Halls 2
Independent Rooms to Faculty 18
Separate Room for Research Scholars 1
Dept . Library (Number of Books) 6,673
Computer Lab with Internet 1
Separate Toilet for Gents & Ladies 2+2
Scooter and Car Parking Yes
Waiting Room for Ladies Yes
Name Designation
Prof. D. Pulla Rao Honorary Professor