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Language is an intensely personal yet pervasively social phenomenon. There is nothing more human than human language. Without language man would not have become human. Linguistics is the scientific study of human languages. It studies the structure, function and use of languages in a systematic and objective manner. Since it studies the phenomenon of human language itself, it is relevant in the fields of Psychology, Anthropology, Literature, Language Teaching, Artificial Intelligence etc. Linguistics can be used to make students proficient in the use of languages and can improve their pronunciation of English, which can be helpful in the preparation for examinations like TOEFL, IELTS and also in fields such as TV anchoring and news reading. Andhra University has been offering Linguistics at some level or other for a long time now. A PG Diploma in Linguistics was offered until the year 1995.In 1995, the Department of Linguistics as an Independent unit was formed. An M.A. in Linguistics was also introduced in the same year and Research Programme was introduced in 1999. Later, in 1999-2000 a decision was taken by the University to shift M.A. in Linguistics to the school of Distance Education to be offered at a later date to make it available to more number of students and to ease the burden on its single teacher. At present, the Department is offering a PG Diploma in English language and Linguistics and Doctoral Programme in Linguistics. The Department functions in the first floor of Hindi Bhavan.

S.No Courses Offered Eligibility criteria No. Of Seats Available
1 Post-Graduate Diploma in English Language and Linguistics Any graduate with English as one of the languages/subjects 30
2 M.Phil in Linguistics M.A. in Linguistics/ M.A. in English with a diploma in Linguistics
3 Ph.D. in Linguistics M.A. in Linguistics/ M.A. in English with a diploma in Linguistics

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