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  • Name : Dr. P. Shyamala
  • Designation : Head of the Department
  • Phone : (+91) 9949042258

Chemistry Department of the Andhra University was started in 1932 and the postgraduate education and research in chemistry also started in the same year. The department developed into an advanced center of learning under the successive stewardships of Professors T.R.Seshadri (1932-49), G.Gopala Rao (1949-68), L.R.Row (1969-76), and M.N.Sastri (1976-80). Including the newer specializations in M.Sc. that were added over the years, there are 7 such as follows at present. Analytical chemistry Bio-inorganic chemistry Analysis of Foods, Drugs and Water, Environmental chemistry, Inorganic chemistry Organic chemistry, and Physical, Nuclear and Marine chemistry. In the year 1983, the sprawling Department was renamed as School of Chemistry to function as 3 constituent departments namely. Inorganic and Analytical chemistry (including Bio-inorganic and Environmental chemistry), Physical and Nuclear chemistry and Chemical Oceanography, and Organic chemistry, Foods, Drugs and Water. From the inception, two separate schools, one led by Prof. G.Gopala Rao and the other by Prof. T.R.Seshadri flourished at the Andhra University chemistry department. The uniqueness of our department, after trifurcation, is its cosmopolitan nature because of the fact the faculty emulated both these doyens or their disciples. Thus, the major areas of research in the department are: Chemical kinetics, Marine natural products, Redox Reactions, Newer Analytical methods The dualism in the inherited tradition has given place to multi facets and the unique areas developed are: Nuclear chemistry, Chemical oceanography, Computer applications in chemistry. Both teaching and research of international standard are prosecuted in all the above areas. During the last 20 years alone, as many as 210 original research papers are published, 38% of them in international journals. Research projects to the tune of Rs. 78.5 lakhs are ongoing and those to a tune of Rs. 85.0 lakhs are already completed and the findings and recommendations made available. The Department was also supported by the COSIST and DRS programmes of the UGC. The facilities developed have gone a long way in imparting quality training to our students. Extra pains are also taken by the faculty beyond the class rooms and our efforts are reflected in the placements received by the graduating students.

Sr.no Course
1M.Sc Physical chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Marine Chemistry
2M.Phil Physical chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Marine Chemistry
3Ph.D Chemistry

Name Designation Qualification Specialisation
Dr. P. Shyamala Associate Professor &
Head of the Department
M.Sc., Mphil, Ph.D Development of kinetic models for reactions with multiple equilibrium in the presence of micelles and reverse micelles